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Derma Defense

Derma Defense

The scientific formulation includes Xylitol, Licorice extract, Vitamin E Ester and UV Filters that provide the skin with an SPF 50. This cream is the first of its kind and fits into the Dermaceutic PREVENT Range - as it hydrates skin, homogenizes skintone and protects against UV ray.


Derma Defense contains Xylitol which is an anti-dehydrating agent which promotes and controls moisture within the epidermis. One of the main concerns of aging is that the skin loses the ability to maintain water within the skin. This has a knock-on effect as the skin will try to overcome the surface dehydration by stimulating more oil production.

By including Xylitol in the formulation, patients will notice increased hydration and a reduction of fine lines.Vitamin E Ester is used to help prevent oxidative stress that people are exposed to daily


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