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Acne Prone Skin Expert Care Kit

Acne Prone Skin Expert Care Kit

Dermaceutic 21 Day Expert Care

Acne Prone Skin Contains:

Foamer 15

Mask 15

Hyal Ceutic

Sun Ceutic 50


Mask 15 & Foamer 15 will purify the skin’s surface and address the keratolytic issues an acne-prone skin tends to have.


Mask 15 contains Salicylic Acid which will purify the skin of excess oil, unblock any blocked pores and remove any congestion / blackheads.


Hyal Ceutic as a Restore Essential Action will hydrate the skin, improve barrier function and repair the impaired acid mantle – all key in treating an oily / acne prone skin

By supplying the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, the barrier is improved, therefore the oil production will balance.

Jojoba oil further adds to this as it mimics the skins’ own sebum, providing it with a biosimilar oil and therefore the skin will also lower its oil production.

The aloe vera found in Hyal Ceutic will reduce redness but also act as an antioxidant and relieve sensitivity found in all acne skins. Hyal Ceutic works especially well post- Mask15, to soothe, calm and hydrate the newly exfoliated skin.


Sun Ceutic 50+ protects the skin from UV rays and includes hydrating and soothing ingredients making it an ideal product to assist in the improvement of oily / acne prone skin. UV exposure will result in inflammation which can trigger more breakouts.Sun Ceutic 50+ will protect the skin from both UVA and UVB while the aloe vera will counter any inflammation caused by sun exposure. The sun cream also has Hyaluronic Acid in it to keep the skin hydrated and ensure that the barrier function stays intact.

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